Kyiv: Erdogan is a major player respected in the world


Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Wednesday that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a major player who is respected in the region and the entire world.

This came in a press conference held in Poland, in which he participated via video conference technology.

Kuleba added, “We do not reject the intervention of any country that wishes to contribute to ending the war between us and Russia.”

He expressed his country’s desire for everyone, including China, Turkey and other countries, to participate in the peace summit scheduled to be held to end the war.

Kuleba continued, saying: “So far, Turkey is the only country capable of talking to the Russian and Ukrainian sides.”

He added, “We are now focusing on holding a peace summit that will bring everyone together and discuss outstanding issues such as nuclear security, freedom of navigation, commercial navigation, and the exchange of prisoners, which no one can oppose.”


Kuleba refused to accuse his country of involvement in the terrorist attack that occurred in the Russian capital last Friday.

He explained that Russia is doing everything it can to distort Ukraine’s image.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Russian authorities announced that the death toll from the terrorist attack that took place in a concert hall in Crocus City in the capital, Moscow, had risen to 140 dead and 360 injured.

Russia witnessed a national mourning on Sunday for the victims of the terrorist attack, and flags were flown at half-mast, while Moscow residents placed flower bouquets in the Crocus Hall, where gunmen opened fire.

The Federal Security Service reported in a statement on Monday the arrest of 11 people, including 4 terrorists directly involved in the attack, and that efforts are continuing to identify their accomplices.​​​​​​

On Tuesday, the head of the Federal Security Service, Alexander Bortnikov, accused the United States, Britain, and Ukraine of being behind the attack, but the terrorist organization ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on Friday.