Turkey categorically denies allegations of arms exports to Israel


The Turkish Ministry of Commerce on Wednesday categorically denied what was recently reported in the media about allegations that Turkey exports weapons and ammunition to Israel.

The Ministry stressed in a statement that these allegations are “unfounded,” stressing that “the export of weapons or ammunition from Turkey to Israel cannot be permitted in any way.”

It added, “The phrases contained in the titles of the sections of the customs tariff schedule are being deliberately manipulated and transmitted to the media, and the news published in this regard is tendentious and fabricated.”

It added: “There are no military activities between our country and Israel, including military training and exercises or cooperation in the field of defense industries.”


The Ministry stressed that Turkey continues to stand by Palestine and the Palestinian cause and continues to support it.

It added that Turkey will continue to strive to provide all forms of assistance and support to the Palestinians in Gaza and through all channels.

It expressed its expectation that the ceasefire resolution issued by the UN Security Council would be implemented as soon as possible.

On Monday, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution supported by 14 countries (out of 15) calling for an “immediate” ceasefire in Gaza during the month of Ramadan, leading to a “permanent and sustainable” ceasefire, while the United States abstained from voting.

The Ministry previously confirmed on Wednesday that the allegations published by foreign websites about arms trade with Israel were incorrect, describing them as “aimed at misleading public opinion.”