Iraq… Attacking 3 electricity lines and putting them out of service


On Saturday, the Iraqi authorities announced that attacks targeted electric power transmission lines in the north of the country, causing them to be out of service.

The General Company for Northern Electricity Transmission (governmental) said in a statement that explosions with explosive devices targeted 3 electricity transmission lines in Nineveh province last night, causing them to be out of service.


The company added that “the bombings also targeted 6 electricity towers in the same governorate, and they were out of service.”

Over the past days, the Iraqi authorities announced that several power transmission lines and towers were attacked in the governorates of Diyala (east), Kirkuk, and Salah al-Din (north).

On Friday, the Ministry of Electricity announced the restart of the country’s electric power system, after it was suspended for hours.

After the targeting of power transmission towers in the governorates of Diyala in the east and Salah al-Din in the north, by unknown assailants, the authorities accused the terrorist organization “ISIS” of being behind most of these attacks.


Following the recent outage, the country’s Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, decided to form a crisis cell to confront the lack of electricity.

He announced his acceptance of the resignation of Electricity Minister Maged Hantoush and General Manager of the General Company for Energy Transmission (South) Ahmed Khairy, and directed an investigation into negligence issues, according to a previous statement issued by his office.