International Court.. Algeria invites the Security Council to meet


Algeria called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council next Wednesday regarding the decision of the International Court of Justice regarding the ongoing Israeli war on the Gaza Strip since last October 7.

On January 26, the court and the highest judicial body in the United Nations ordered Israel to take measures to prevent acts of “genocide” against the Palestinians and improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza, but they did not order a ceasefire.

The official Algerian News Agency reported on Saturday evening that the Security Council meeting aims to “give compulsory action to the decision of the International Court of Justice regarding the temporary measures imposed on the Zionist occupation regarding its aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.”

She added that the Algerian mission to the United Nations “initiated extensive consultations to prepare for the Security Council meeting, where a small meeting was held at the mission’s (headquarters).

In addition to Algeria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, it included representatives of Palestine and South Africa (the applicant for the lawsuit against Israel in the court).”


Following this meeting, the representative of Algeria, Ammar Benjameh, participated in an emergency meeting of the Arab Group in New York to consider the practical steps needed to be taken following the court’s decision, according to the agency.

On the day the court’s decision was issued, based in The Hague, Netherlands, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune directed his country’s mission in New York to request a Security Council meeting.

Since the beginning of this January, Algeria has been a non-permanent member of the Council for a period of two years among ten non-permanent members, while there are five permanent member states that have veto power, namely the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia.

Since the outbreak of the war in Gaza, the United States has prevented the issuance of resolutions in the Council that it considers to be biased against its ally, Israel.

Washington also supports Tel Aviv’s position of rejecting a permanent ceasefire, claiming that it will allow the Hamas movement to rearrange its ranks.

As of Saturday, the Israeli war in Gaza had left “26,257 martyrs and 64,797 injured, most of them children and women,” according to the Palestinian authorities.

It also caused massive destruction and scarcity of food, water, and medicine, with the displacement of about two million Palestinians, meaning more than 85 percent of the Gaza Strip’s population, according to the United Nations.