Due to International Court, Netanyahu is close to be arrested


Following the interim decisions taken by the International Court of Justice in the genocide case against Israel.

The path has been paved for the trial and arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli army commanders in accordance with court decisions and the internal law of their countries.

Hassan Chad noted the importance of the International Court of Justice describing the case against Israel as a “reasonable case,” and said:

“This (resolution) is the first step towards holding Israel responsible for some, but not all, acts of genocide.

Therefore, this decision also established the legal basis for Israel’s responsibility, and I see a lot of political momentum building here.

​​States must take the necessary steps to prosecute those responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide within their domestic laws.

We are unlikely to see news of arrest warrants being issued against Benjamin Netanyahu or IDF leaders and individuals who will participate in the military campaign in the very near future.

“It is indeed possible, and once that happens, it will be the day Israel regrets its actions in Gaza.”


Chad stated that it is possible for the United States, which is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, to use its veto power against the decisions that will be taken here, and he said:

“The decisions of the International Court of Justice have also affected countries that stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel and provide Israel with weapons, tools and methods to carry out this campaign of genocide.

“Given the circumstances, if the United States wanted to veto that, that would be very difficult.”

“I think that will happen after the International Court of Justice’s decision. The pressure on Netanyahu will increase from an internal political perspective.

He stated that South Africa had played its role in this issue, and that other countries should also think about what they should do, and he said:

“There is also a need to put pressure on countries that support Israel because without the support of these countries Israel would not have the ability to do these things.

Israel is currently accused of genocide, so countries say “end its occupation of Palestine or perhaps even prove that it is not committing genocide in Gaza.

“They have every moral and legal reason to say: We have a legal obligation to initiate a boycott.”