“İMECE” will be Turkey’s most advanced Earth-observing satellite


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the “İMECE” satellite will be Turkey’s most advanced satellite for Earth observation in terms of image accuracy, communication speed and maneuvering capabilities.

This came in a video message on the occasion of the launch of the “İMECE” satellite, which was produced by Turkey with local and national capabilities, and was launched on Saturday from a base in the United States.

President Erdoğan added, “Today, we proudly sent the “İMECE” satellite into space, the first high-resolution satellite for our country, as a herald of Turkey’s century.”


President Erdogan expressed his congratulations to everyone who contributed to the design, production and launch of this satellite, which will give Turkey strategic capabilities.

He pointed out that many developed countries are making investments in the field of space, which is of strategic importance.

He noted that the size of the global space economy reached $469 billion in 2021, after it was $245 billion in 2009.

He pointed out that Turkey, in turn, is also working to develop its capabilities in the field of space

He referred to the establishment of the Turkish Space Agency 3 years ago and the acceleration of efforts to develop human competencies in this regard through the Space Technology Research Institute of the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Corporation “TUBITAK”.

And he added, “One by one, we are reaping the fruits of our national technology campaign aimed at raising our country to the highest level in the global technology club.”

He pointed out that out of the 8 communications satellites that Turkey sent into orbit to date (before İMECE), 3 of them have successfully completed their mission, and the other five satellites are still serving the country effectively.

He noted that the “İMECE” satellite will be the most advanced Turkish satellite in terms of image accuracy, communication speed and maneuvering capabilities.


And he pointed out that through the high-resolution electro-optical camera, the moon will allow obtaining scenes from any part of the world, not just Turkey.

He said, “We have done everything related to the “İMECE” satellite for monitoring locally, including designing, producing, assembling, integrating, testing and all the necessary sub-systems.

He continued, “The İMECE satellite will be an eye for us in various fields such as national defense, disaster management, agriculture, forestry, environment, and urban development.”