Hundreds of musicians call for a boycott of Israel


More than 600 musicians called on their fellow musicians to boycott shows in Israel to show support for Palestine.

According to the “Consecons” website, hundreds of musicians signed an open letter denouncing the recent Israeli attacks on Palestinians.

Demanding “justice, dignity, and the right to self-determination for the Palestinian people and all those fighting against occupation and violence throughout the planet.”


“We call on you to join us in refusing to perform in complicit Israeli cultural institutions, and in support of the Palestinian people and their right to sovereignty and freedom,” the letter said.

“We believe that this is very important for us to one day live in a world free from apartheid,” she added.

And many American artists and others showed solidarity with the Palestinians in the recent Israeli aggression, and called for pressure on Israel to stop its violations against the Palestinians.

Earlier, the organizers of the “Durban” International Film Festival decided to boycott an Israeli filmmaker and director.

This is after the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip and on the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and the territories of the occupied interior in 1948.

The festival decided to boycott Israeli actions as a kind of “cultural boycott”, in response to the violation of Palestinian rights.