How will the trains operate after a complete shutdown?


High-speed trains, regional trains, Marmaray and Başkentray services will be in service from May 17th according to the departure times before complete closure.

TCDD General Directorate Tasimacilik AS has made arrangements for YHT, Marmaray, Baskentray and regional passenger train services with effect from May 17th.


50 percent capacity in YHTs

Accordingly, YHTs will operate in Ankara-Eskisehir-Istanbul and Ankara-Konya-Istanbul lines with a capacity of 50 percent within the social distance base and will make 22 flights per day.

The presentation of the HES code will also be mandatory while providing train tickets, and YHTs will make trips according to their tariffs prior to submitting a full closure request.

The joint transfer will be conducted with the YHT link between Konya and Karaman.

Marmara and Bashkentray

Regional trains will also operate according to a pre-lockdown schedule.

Marmaray will serve at intervals of 30 minutes on ban days, 8 minutes between Zeytinburnu-Maltepe and 15 minutes between Halkalı-Gebze on other days.

On the other hand, Başkentray will run at 15-minute intervals between Sincan and Kayaş on days when there is no curfew.

And 30-minute time periods on days when there are restrictions, and due to the complete lockdown between April 29 and May 17.

While the YHT, Marmaray and Başkentray train schedules and times have changed, regional train services have been suspended.