Highest Paying Jobs in Turkey – Most Popular Jobs in Turkey


Immigration to Turkey requires a lot of information in various fields of life, and getting a job and earning money is one of the most important things to consider when migrating.


In order to be able to work and earn money in Turkey, you must have enough information about the different working conditions in this country, as this information can enable you to find the best job in Turkey related to your experience and skills.

On the other hand, working in Turkey is one of the ways to obtain residency in this country, as many people apply for work permits in Turkey by finding a job.

In this article we will introduce the most profitable and high paying jobs in Turkey, stay with us.

Jobs and income in Turkey

In order to accurately estimate income and wages in Turkey, it is first necessary to determine your employment situation and on the basis of which your approximate income can be estimated.


Some people work as simple workers in Turkey and earn low income, while others get better jobs and higher salaries.

There are several factors involved in determining the salary, the extent of which in some cases includes the city of work.

The Turkish government is also considering increasing the salaries of employees and workers annually according to the economic conditions of the country.

Not to mention that finding a good job in Turkey can be a bit difficult.

The highest paying jobs in Turkey

In this section, we have provided a list of the highest paying jobs in Turkey and the reasons for the high salaries of these jobs, according to the Salary Explorer report.

You can see the salary rates for the jobs in descending order in the following table:

OccupationSalaryJob characteristics
surgeonFrom 34600 to 125200 Turkish lirashigh riskextensive knowledge required
JudgeFrom 32200 to 97900 Turkish lirasIt requires high responsibilityextensive knowledge required
LawyerFrom 27900 to 90700 Turkish lirasextensive knowledge required
Bank managerFrom 27320 to 78500 Turkish lirashigh riskbig responsibility
Chief Executive OfficerFrom 24740 to 67100 Turkish lirasIt requires great responsibilityIt requires extensive experience and knowledge
Financial ManagerFrom 23160 to 65300 Turkish lirasbig responsibilityExtensive experience and knowledge
OrthodontistFrom 21870 to 64400 Turkish lirasExpensive materialsIt requires a lot of experience and knowledge
University ProfessorFrom 18990 to 61700 Turkish lirasIt requires extensive knowledge and experience
PilotFrom 20330 to 59100 Turkish lirashigh riskIt requires a lot of experience
marketing managerFrom 15240 to 36300 Turkish lirasRequires extensive experience


The above table shows a list of the 10 highest paying jobs in Turkey.

In addition to the above, there are many other jobs and professions that are very popular and profitable in this country, including the following:

Programmer: Programming is one of the most profitable and popular jobs around the world.

The income of programmers who work in public or private companies or work on independent projects in Turkey is very good.

Veterinarian: Because of the great interest in animal rights in Turkey, veterinary medicine has become one of the most profitable jobs in the country.

Dietitian: Given the importance of health and maintaining an ideal weight in all countries of the world, nutrition experts in Turkey also earn a high income.

As a dietitian, you can set up your own office or be employed in one of the hospitals and clinics.

Company registration offices: Many people who immigrate to Turkey start their own business and apply for company registration in Turkey. But investing and starting a business in Turkey requires many economic and legal considerations that need expert advice in this field.

Teaching English: The tourism situation of Turkey and the migration of foreigners makes the need to learn English in this country more important.

English teachers work in all parts of Turkey and for different ages, and the employment opportunities and income of English teachers are higher in certain cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir.


Flight attendants and flight crew: Thousands of flights are operated from Turkey to various destinations around the world every year and there are many airlines operating in this country.

The work of cabin crew and flight attendants is one of the most popular jobs in Turkey, especially among women.

The income for this position is determined according to the people’s background and in agreement with the airline.

Babysitter: Many workers hire a babysitter to take care of their children.

If you have a good relationship with the children, you will have many opportunities to work in this field.

Note that mastering another language, such as English or French, is a good advantage to get this job in Turkey.

Text translation and editing: If you master the grammar, you can work in the field of translation and editing in this country.

There are many companies and offices in Turkey that employ staff to translate or edit content.

Hairdresser: If you are skilled in hairdressing, you can work in hairdressing salons in Turkey or register a hairdressing service company in this country.

The prices of hairdressing services vary in different regions of Turkey, in large cities the income of hairdressers is higher.

Sports coach: Sports have become very popular in various countries of the world, including Turkey, where exercise has become a part of the lifestyle of the Turkish people, and in different cities of Turkey there are many sports complexes on every street. 

If you have a degree in sports training and have experience And skills in this area, you can work as a coach in sports centers and earn money.


Job search sites in Turkey

Here is a list of job search sites in Turkey:

How to get a profitable job in Turkey?

Finding a job as a foreign national who has just immigrated to Turkey can be a bit difficult, however, it is not impossible.

Having a strong CV and acquiring practical skills can be a big step towards finding high paying jobs in Turkey.

In order to be able to find a good job in Turkey, one of the best things that you can do is to strengthen your Turkish so that you can communicate with others.

Note that even if you achieve your dream and get your favorite job, it takes time to get a high income.


Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What is the highest paying job in Turkey?

The income of doctors and surgeons in various fields in Turkey has a high working income, due to the high risks of this job and the need for extensive knowledge.

❓ What does the amount of income in Turkey depend on?

The amount of income in Turkey depends on the degree, level of experience, working conditions and the city of work.

❓ Do you need to learn Turkish to find a job in Turkey?

Fluency in the Turkish language is one of the most important conditions for getting a good job in Turkey, but for some jobs, mastery of English or other languages ​​is necessary.

❓ Is it easy to find work in Turkey?

The unemployment rate is a bit high in Turkey, so finding work for foreigners in Turkey can be a bit difficult.

However, if you have high skills and experience and master the Turkish language, your chances of finding a job will increase.

❓ What jobs are in demand in Turkey?

Jobs with wide career opportunities in Turkey include engineering, programming, information technology, sales and management.

❓ How to find a job in Turkey?

You can access different job opportunities in Turkey by visiting the job sites mentioned above.

There are also recruitment agencies in this country that you can contact to apply for a job.