“High-level” blow to the terrorist organization: 48 ineffective in Turkey


As part of the “spring and summer operations” carried out by the security forces, 48 ​​terrorists, 2 red, 4 orange, 1 green, and 9 grays, were neutralized during the past two months.


The spring and summer operations were also launched on April 15, 2021, to remove the terrorist organization of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) from the country’s agenda and to neutralize the terrorists residing in Turkey.

With the participation of gendarmerie commandos, special operations of the gendarmerie forces, special operations of the police and security guards, 900,630 operations were planned until October 1.

So far, 39 percent of these operations have been completed, and in the last period, 3,801 operations were performed.

During the operations, 48 ​​terrorists were neutralized during the past two months, including 2 red, 4 orange, 1 green, and 9 grays.


This is in 298 shelters and caves, where 159 mines and explosive devices, 137 rifles, 99 grenades, 35 radios, 355 tubes, and 8.2 tons of food and life necessities were seized.