Harassment from Greek warplanes for the “TCG Çeşme” vessel


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Research vessel TCG Çeşme has started its scientific and technical research in the field of hydrography in the international waters of the North Aegean Sea.

Within the scope of the planned annual activity program, the ship, which will conduct scientific and technical research in the northern Aegean Sea until 2 March, was harassed by Greek warplanes.

Four Hellenic Air Force F-16s approached the research vessel TCG Çeşme in the west of the island of Yemen.

One of the fighter jets harassed the ship by firing a peel cartridge within 2 nautical miles from TCG Çeşme.


Turkish Defense Minister Akar: The necessary response was given

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said in a statement: “It is one of the repeated harassment of our Greek neighbors.

The necessary response was made within the framework of international rules.

Our position, our decision and the work that we will do on this issue is clear and no one should doubt this.”

Provocative actions from Greece

The differences between Turkey and Greece have escalated in recent months, with Greece increasing its military budget fivefold, purchasing more combat aircraft from France and upgrading its American fighters.

This has become a source of concern for Turkey and increased fears of escalating tensions between the two sides.

Countries like Germany are also trying to mediate between Turkey and Greece and reduce differences.


As the dispute over energy resources in the Mediterranean, as well as the demarcation of maritime borders between the two countries, reached its climax.

Since the start of the consultations on January 25, Greece has carried out Eximşek-21 with 20 ships and many air elements in the area including international waters in northwestern Skyros Island.

Security experts described these activities as a clear indication of Greece’s stance in favor of tension and intransigence, which does not wish to solve problems through negotiations and dialogue.