Globally… Coronavirus infections exceed 165 million


On Wednesday, the number of people infected with Coronavirus around the world exceeded 165 million.

According to the “Worldometer” website, which specializes in monitoring Corona statistics, the number of people infected with the virus has reached 165 million 96,424.

The United States tops the list with 33 million and 775 thousand and 147 injuries, followed by India with more than 25 million and 592 thousand, then Brazil with more than 15 million and 735 thousand.


France ranked fourth in the world, followed by Turkey, Russia, Britain, Italy, Spain and Germany.

As of Wednesday evening, the total number of corona deaths around the world has reached 3 million 422 thousand and 417.

The number of people recovering from the virus also reached 144 million 110 thousand and 938, according to the same website.