European official: We’ll continue political support for the Ukraine refugee file


The head of the European Union delegation to Ankara, Nikolaus Mayer-Landrut, said on Wednesday that they will continue political support for the Ukrainian refugee file.


In a statement on the sidelines of his tour in Bursa, western Turkey, he pointed out that there are civilian victims of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Mayer-Landrut reported that people fled from Ukraine towards Romania, Poland and other neighboring countries, indicating that there is a wave of refugees in the region.

He stressed that the European Union has opened its doors to refugees, adding: “It is difficult to predict the extent and extent of the refugee wave, but we will continue our political support to receive (Ukrainian) refugees and distribute them among the (EU member) countries.”


At the dawn of last February 24, Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, which was followed by angry international reactions and the imposition of “tough” economic and financial sanctions on Moscow.