Ethiopia announces the second filling of the “Renaissance” dam


On Monday, the Ethiopian authorities announced the completion of the second filling process of the controversial “Renaissance” dam with Egypt and Sudan.

This came in tweets by the Ethiopian Minister of Water and Irrigation, Seleshi Bekele, on his Twitter account.


“On July 12, the second filling of the Renaissance Dam was completed and water flowed to the top of the dam,” Bekele said.

“Congratulations to the Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia: the result is the amount of water needed to operate two turbines (to generate electricity),” he added.

“We have done a lot of work this year to get to this point, we are working hard to produce the next turbines, and we will be able to complete that in the coming months.”

As of 11:20 GMT, neither the Egyptian nor the Sudanese authorities issued a comment regarding what the Ethiopian minister said.

On July 5, Ethiopia notified the downstream countries of the Nile, Egypt, and Sudan, to start the process of a second filling of the dam with water.

And without reaching a tripartite agreement, which Cairo and Khartoum rejected as a unilateral measure.


On July 8, the UN Security Council concluded that it is necessary to intensively re-negotiate the Renaissance Dam negotiations under the auspices of the African Union to sign a binding legal agreement that meets the needs of the three countries.

Egypt and Sudan are committed to first reaching a tripartite agreement on filling and operating the dam to ensure the continued flow of their annual share of the Nile waters.