Cuisine is one of the most important elements of cultural heritage


Emine Erdogan, wife of the Turkish president, said that the kitchen is one of the most important elements of cultural heritage.


This came in a speech she delivered during the program to promote Turkish cuisine, which took place in the Turkish house opposite the United Nations building in New York State.

The program took place in the presence of Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Melissa Fleming and the wives of French President Brigitta Macron and South Korean President Kim Geun-hye, and the wives of leaders of other countries.


In the program entitled “Healthy and Sustainable Turkish Cuisine”, Erdogan explained that the kitchen is a mirror that reflects national and personal identity and even the essence of countries’ civilization.

She added: “Turkish cuisine has interacted with many different civilizations over hundreds of years in our country. The doors of our kitchen are open to experience the coexistence of different religions, cultures and ethnic groups.”


And she added, “We consider the foreigner at our table ‘the guest of Rahman’, and our unique culture in catering indicates how much we care about the guest. Our table is an example of generosity, sharing, solidarity and human love.”