Erdogan: We seek to form a belt of peace and prosperity


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country seeks to form a belt of peace and prosperity in its surroundings by resolving crises in neighboring regions.


This came in a message to the Turkish President on Saturday, on the occasion of Republic Day.

President Erdoğan referred to Turkey’s celebration today of the 99th anniversary of the founding of the republic.

President Erdoğan remembered with mercy the builder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the heroes of the war of independence and members of the Grand National Assembly. He also had mercy on the martyrs who fell for the country’s independence.

He noted that the democratic and development revolutions achieved by his “Justice and Development” party governments during the past 20 years have not only removed obstacles to the popular will, “but also removed the thick walls that had been built between the public and the republic as well.”


President Erdoğan added: “We have made Turkey a model of democracy, its economy is admired, its diplomacy is closely followed and its brotherly bonds are firmly preserved.”

He noted that Turkey’s efforts to establish peace, stability and justice are appreciated by various parties at a time when global uncertainty is growing.

President Erdoğan noted that Turkey is the world’s first in providing humanitarian aid in proportion to its national income.

He stressed that Turkey is rushing to help the needy, the oppressed and the affected around the world without any discrimination on the basis of race or belief.


He continued, “Despite all the grievances we face, we are laying the foundations of our vision for the years 2053 and 2071 and are determined to establish the ‘Turkey Era’.”

President Erdoğan noted that his government, while increasing Turkey’s weight and enhancing its reputation at the global level, continues its uninterrupted investment and development campaigns at home.

In this context, he pointed to the discoveries of natural gas in the Black Sea, and work continues in full swing to deliver it to citizens’ homes.

He pointed out that Turkey has developed its capabilities in the field of defense industries, as it has become a country that designs, manufactures and develops its own local products and exports them as well.


He pointed to the recent laying of the foundation stone for the largest housing project in the country’s history that will meet the needs of 6 million citizens of homes and buildable land.

He also touched on the project of the first local electric car in Turkey, “TOG”, and pointed out that its factory will be inaugurated today, coinciding with the Republic Day.