Turkey’s Baykar targets $1 billion in exports in 2022


Khaluk Bayraktar, the general manager of the Turkish company “Baykar”, a pioneer in developing drones, announced that the company’s target exports value during 2022 is one billion dollars.


This came in his speech during the signing ceremony of a cooperation protocol between Baykar and the Defense Industries Authority of the Turkish Presidency on the sidelines of the Saha Expo for Aviation and Defense.

Bayraktar and the head of the Defense Industries Authority, Ismail Demir, signed the cooperation protocol for the “Bayraktar Qizil Elma” unmanned warplane during the exhibition held in Istanbul.

Bayraktar said that Baykar has been carrying out extensive research and development activities in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle technology for the past 20 years.

He pointed out that exports constituted 75% of the company’s revenue in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle technology.


He stated that 98 percent of the company’s revenues during 2022 came from exports as well.

He explained that Baykar has played a leading role in the world of defense and aviation over the past two years, and aims to reap $1 billion in exports this year.

And on Tuesday, the activities of the “Saha Expo 2022” exhibition for defense and aviation, which is the largest among its counterparts in Europe, kicked off in Istanbul.

750 local and 250 foreign companies from 57 countries are participating in the exhibition, in light of the demand from local and foreign visitors.


The exhibition will continue until October 28 and will be open on the last day only to citizens over the age of eighteen.