Erdogan: The global decline in fresh water is caused by pollution


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that fresh water is decreasing globally due to excessive consumption and pollution, warning of the consequences of this for Turkey and the entire world.

This came in a speech he delivered during his participation in the opening ceremony of 369 facilities completed by the Water Corporation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Erdogan explained that fresh and clean water resources are decreasing rapidly in the world due to excessive consumption and pollution, and that 97.5 percent of the water on Earth is salty water in the seas and oceans and is not suitable for agriculture and consumption.

Erdogan pointed out that currently only 10 percent of the total fresh water available on Earth is being utilized.

He continued, “The amount of water in lakes, reservoirs and rivers is a drop compared to the water in the seas. This is the main factor that makes water one of the most strategic and valuable resources.”

He added: “In many parts of the world, including our country, water is seen as an unlimited resource. I would like to point out here that this is a wrong perception. The first thing we must know about water and never forget is that water resources are not unlimited.”

He pointed out that the frequency and severity of disasters have increased around the world due to climate change, and that floods, storms, forest fires and droughts have become more common in recent years.


Erdogan stressed that the countries of the Mediterranean basin, including Turkey, are feeling the negative effects of climate change to a greater extent.

He pointed out that the ecosystem is deteriorating day after day, indicating that the main reason for this deterioration is the misuse of nature by humans.

Erdogan explained that the search for more comfort, the ambition to consume more, and the passion to exploit resources without limits cause negative damage to the environment.

He continued: “Through our “Zero Waste” project, which has become a milestone in the eyes of the United Nations, we are trying to find permanent solutions to the problem of plastic waste, which is the greatest enemy of soil and water.”

He pointed out that the way to ensure food security in Turkey lies in using water resources effectively, efficiently and without excess.

He continued: “We share our limited water resources with our neighbors such as Iraq and Syria in a fair manner, and it is known to everyone how balanced, responsible and sacrificial our country is in this issue.”

Regarding the projects that were opened today, Erdogan explained that the total cost of these facilities amounts to 53 billion Turkish liras (one dollar is equivalent to 28.98 liras).

He added that the completed projects include dams, irrigation canals, fresh water purification, and wastewater treatment.

President Erdogan indicated that the completed facilities will contribute 5 billion liras to the Turkish economy annually.