Cruise ship “Gemini” is Turkey’s new ambassador for luxury tourism

Cruise ship Gemini in Turkey

The Cruise ship “Gemini” will host tourists in the Mediterranean region with the aim of introducing more Turkish culture in a luxurious way in one of the largest ships in the country.

The luxury cruise ship “Gemini” will give you one of the most beautiful and luxurious cruises that you can live in the Mediterranean region, with the design and concept of Turkish culture.

The ship was bought by the Turkish company Miray Cruises, and this cruise ship is considered one of the finest cruise brands in the world.

With the start of the 2021 tourist season, the cruise ship with the design and concept of Turkish culture docks in the ports of Kusadasi, Izmir and Istanbul and provides all facilities for a luxury cruise for tourists.

The Gemini cruise ship is 164 meters long, 400 cabins, and the center of residence is the size of a five-star hotel.

According to Anadolu Agency, Ahmet Yazici, CEO of Miray Cruises, said, “Most of the Greek and Italian companies are active in the Mediterranean region, but with the Gemini ship, Turkey will also enter the field of luxury tourism in the region.”

He added, “One of the distinguishing features of this ship compared to other cruise ships is drinks and food from the culture of our country, as well as other international dishes.”

Our goal is to create a leisure squadron by increasing the number of cruises and proving Turkey’s ability in the field of tourism in the Mediterranean region.