Conditions for obtaining a credit card from the bank in Turkey – All you need to know


Nowadays, the use of credit cards for payment in various affairs has become widespread all over the world, including Turkey.

Almost all private and public banks in Turkey offer customers the opportunity to use credit cards with various advantages, and foreigners in Turkey can also use credit card services by opening an account in Turkish banks.


The question is, how can you get a credit card in Turkey? Can all foreigners obtain a credit card in Turkey by opening a bank account?

Credit Cards in Turkey

Credit cards are bank cards that are issued individually to each customer and have a certain credit level in accordance with the terms of the bank.

Credit cards in Turkey are issued to customers by all banks in this country and with special conditions.

The credit card allows the holder to withdraw from his account even if there is not enough balance in the account and pay the amount in the following month.

In other words, these cards do not have a specific balance and the customer spends a certain amount provided that he pays this amount in the future.

With credit cards, you can buy and pay even without a balance up to the specified limit, and pay off this money after about a month, if you don’t pay your debts on time, you will be fined by the bank.

You can also pay with it all over the world, as it meets your needs when traveling to other countries.


Additionally, credit card holders in Turkey can shop online from product and service websites around the world, but make sure that protecting the information on these cards is critical.

People over the age of 18 can open a bank account and apply for a credit card in Turkey and receive it from the bank.

In the first year that the credit card is issued, the customer can spend twice the monthly income without having enough balance on the card.

The amount of payment and subsequent repayment via the credit card increases over time and with proof of customer eligibility, as the card balance can become 4 times the customer’s monthly income from the fourth year onwards

However, this amount can vary depending on the conditions of the bank, and can be determined by the head of each bank’s branch.

Note that there is a very important point to keep in mind that Turkish banks are very concerned about timely payments and are very strict in these cases, if the customer fails to pay his credit card bill on time, he/she will be fined.

Credit cards in Turkey have an expiration date, and after the expiry date you have to go to your bank and renew it.

Credit card debt can be paid off easily through mobile banking, internet, ATM, or personally going to the bank.


How to get a credit card in Turkey

The process of getting a credit card in Turkey can take a long time, and you can get a credit card by simply opening a bank account with the bank of your choice.

At first, your account level may be low with a lower balance, but over time, and the more activity you do with your credit card, your bank account level and balance will increase.

As we mentioned, from a legal point of view, anyone over the age of 18 can apply for a credit card in Turkey.

The estimated upper limit for the credit card holder can be determined according to the amount of his income, the type of bank and also the decision of the branch head.


Credit card holders in Turkey can notify the relevant bank at any time of a request to increase the balance of their card, and after the bank branch head reviews the request, the applicant is notified of the result, and the card balance is increased at his discretion.

Before taking any action to obtain a credit card in Turkey, make sure that you can pay the estimated amount on time, because bank debts can lead to legal proceedings in Turkey, and in some cases may cause you so much trouble that eventually lead to your deportation from the country.

Can foreigners apply for a credit card in Turkey?

The principle and use of credit cards in Turkey is somewhat similar to short-term loans, that is why most Turkish banks are strict in issuing these cards to foreigners, because the foreigner may use his credit card balance and then return to his country.

In this case, the bank cannot force that person to pay his debts, that is why foreign citizens can only enjoy the benefits of getting a credit card in Turkey if they meet the special conditions set by the bank.

Obtaining a credit card by registering a company in Turkey

One of the most common ways to obtain a credit card for foreigners is to register a company in Turkey with a certain amount of money.

In this way, you can get a credit card with a balance equal to this amount.

After reviewing the application you will receive a credit card, for example if your company’s financial support is an account with a balance of 12,000 liras in any bank, you will be given a credit card of about 10,000 TL.


Obtaining a credit card with a work permit

If you have an official work residence and work permit in Turkey, you can easily apply for a credit card from the bank, all you have to do is receive a letter from your workplace proving the amount of your monthly salary and then send it to the bank.

Banks usually issue credit cards according to the customer’s salary, and foreigners working in Turkey must regularly report their income to the bank in order to use their credit card.

Obtaining a credit card by renting or buying a house in Turkey

If you are staying by renting or buying a house in Turkey, but you are not working in this country, you can get a credit card by depositing a certain amount in the bank.

In general, most Turkish banks issue credit cards according to the account balance and customer exchange rate.

Obtaining a credit card for university students

Some banks in Turkey also offer credit cards with a small credit amount, around 1,000 Turkish liras, for students at Turkish universities.


MasterCard and Visa Card in Turkey

MasterCard and Visa Card are two credit cards accepted around the world and used for buying and selling.

According to statistics, they have more than three million compatible ATMs in various countries of the world and their agencies are active in 140 countries,

The use of these two cards is similar to ATM cards in general, also Visa and MasterCard can be used for international transactions with very low fees.

MasterCard and Visa Card in Turkey are very popular, because using MasterCard or Visa Card you can easily buy from international stores or deal with international companies.

It is also possible to transfer money from different bank branches and use online services, whether for money exchange or for online banks in Turkey using MasterCard and Visa cards.


You can apply for a Visa Card and MasterCard in Turkey in two ways:

The first way: Go to a Turkish bank and get a Visa or MasterCard by opening a bank account.

The second way: to apply for a Visa or MasterCard by paying fees for private companies working in the field of international cards. (Like the Papara card)

Note that in this method, you can get both cards without having a residence in Turkey and a bank account in this country, and you can benefit from its various advantages.