CNN claims Kamala Harris is “dysfunctional” in the White House


It was alleged that US Vice President Kamala Harris had confusion in her job description.

She remained “dysfunctional” in the White House, was removed by the Joe Biden administration, and the White House denied the news.


According to CNN News, which is based on sources close to Harris, there is uncertainty about Harris’ role and agenda in the administration.

Nearly a year into her position, many still do not know what Harris’ focus is, and she is still “disabled” in the administration.

It was also shared that Harris, the first female vice president of the United States of America, caused “disappointment” to her supporters and was removed by the Biden administration.

Some sources said that Harris’ situation led to a drain on the team working with Harris in the White House.


On the other hand, some sources close to Harris stated that Harris felt restrained by the Biden administration and that he expressed it several times.

And some sources, who asked not to be named, stated that the Biden administration had appointed Harris to tasks in which he might fail or remain in the background.

The biggest example of this is Harris’ task of combating the migrant crisis at the Mexican border.

In addition, the sources explained that Biden’s team has not had much contact with Harris and that there is tension between the team and Harris.


In a written statement, Harris’ spokesman, Simon Sanders criticized the fact that Harris demonstrated US leadership on the world stage during his visit to France.

And that the infrastructure package played a major role in passing Congress, “while all this was at the moment some of the media focused only on rumors.”

“For those who need to hear this, Vice President Harris is not only an important partner but also a courageous leader who plays a key role in the many challenges facing the country.”