China… More than 300 dead and 50 missing in floods


Chinese authorities announced Monday that the floods that hit the central region of Henan last month have killed more than 300 people.


“A total of 302 people have died in central China’s Henan Province due to heavy rains since July 16, and 50 others are still missing,” state broadcaster CGTN said.

Zhengzhou, the center of Henan Province, home to more than 10 million people, was hardest hit by the floods, which were the most severe in 60 years.

And caused the rains and floods to raise the water levels in the rivers and flooded streets in several cities.

More than five million people have been affected in 120 districts of the aforementioned province.

About 25,000 soldiers and other personnel, 1,400 vehicles, and 170 ships are participating in rescue operations in the flood-affected areas.