Britain.. Supporters of Palestine close an Israeli company


Protests organized by pro-Palestinian activists in Britain two days ago caused the closure of a factory for the production of unmanned aircraft owned by Tel Aviv until Friday.

On May 19, demonstrators from the “Palestine Movement” closed the building of the Israeli company “Elbit-Thale Systems” in Leicester, which is based in England.


In addition, the demonstrators tied the main doors of the company’s building with iron chains, and prevented employees from entering to start their work, which caused the company’s production to stop two days ago.

He added that the demonstrators raised the Palestinian flag on the roof of the building, and stepped on the walls in red.

In reference to the innocent blood that Israel shed during its recent aggression against the Palestinian people.

It was explained that the police had arrested a person who wanted to give water and food to the demonstrators, and his release was announced later.

The demonstrators have not set a timeframe for ending the protest yet.

More than a day, thousands demonstrated in the capital, London, and a number of British cities, denouncing the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which lasted 11 days and stopped at dawn today, according to a ceasefire agreement.