Sweden.. Arrest of 15 people for a demonstration in support of Palestine


On Friday, Swedish authorities arrested 15 people while they were participating in a demonstration in support of Palestine in the capital, Stockholm.

The demonstration was organized by Palestinian associations to protest against the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, where the protesters gathered in the “Mid-Burga Yeltsin” square despite the heavy rain.


The demonstrators chanted slogans such as: “Boycott Israel,” “Free Palestine” and “Israel kills our children.”

The Swedish activist of Jewish origin Dror Feller said he participated in the demonstration in support of the Palestinians.

He said, “A truce has been declared between Israel and Palestine, but our struggle for the freedom of Palestine continues, and I as a Jew here show my support for the Palestinian people.”

During the demonstration, the police requested that the protesters disperse within the framework of the Corona virus measures and after their refusal, it intervened violently against them, and arrested 15 of them.

The police also tried to prevent journalists from covering the demonstration, arrested Orhan Karan, a journalist, and confiscated his camera, before releasing him later and returning his camera to him.


Tensions in the Gaza Strip also escalated dramatically after Israel launched a massive military aggression against it on May 10, which caused massacres and widespread destruction of buildings and infrastructure.

And at dawn on Friday, a ceasefire came into effect between the Palestinian factions and Israel, after 11 days of aggression on the territories of the Palestinian Authority and Arab towns in Israel.

As a result, 274 people were killed, including 69 children, 40 women, and 17 elderly people, while more than 8,900 were injured, 90 of whom were classified as very serious injuries.

Today, after the Friday prayers, the Israeli forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, targeting the worshipers with a barrage of metal bullets and tear gas canisters, which resulted in injuries.