Bogazici University in Istanbul – Majors and Admission – All you need to know


Bogazici University is one of the best universities in Turkey.

The university has a great international reputation, and most undergraduates are accepted and funded by major universities in the United States and Canada.


The level of teaching at this university is pretty high, a modern and good curriculum is taught, and highly experienced international professors teach in it.

In this article, we will introduce you to Bogazici University, its specializations and admission requirements.

Bogazici University

Bogazici University is located in the European side of Istanbul, near the Bosphorus Bridge, which is one of the largest and most beautiful bridges in Istanbul.

Bogazici University is one of the most famous public universities in Turkey.

Also it is one of the oldest universities in Istanbul, founded in 1863, the university was initially founded by two Americans as the Robert Institute of Higher Education.

Bogazici University was also awarded the title of Green and Sustainable University, and the university aims to reach the pinnacle of knowledge and sustainable green development.


Faculties and majors at Bogazici University

The university has many faculties and specialties, the table below presents the different faculties at Bogazici University in Istanbul and their popular majors:

the collegeSpecialties
College of Arts and SciencesTranslationPhilosophyPhysicsMolecular biology and geneticsHistory
Faculty of Economics and Administrative SciencesBusiness ManagementPolitical Science and International Relations
College of EngineeringComputer EngineeringElectrical and electronic engineeringcivil engineeringthe industrial engineeringChemical EngineeringMechanical engineering
Faculty of Applied ScienceTourism managementInternational Trade

In addition to the above-mentioned faculties, Istanbul Bogazici University has several research institutes, which include:

  • Institute of Medical Engineering.
  • Institute of Environmental Sciences.
  • Institute of Humanities and Applied Sciences.
  • Earthquake Research Institute.


Bogazici University Facilities

The university offers a variety of research facilities as well as many amenities for students, some of which are listed below:

Laboratories of Bogazici University

Several laboratories equipped with the latest equipment have been established, to enable students to conduct various researches, expand their capabilities and gain experience in various fields.

These laboratories include the following:

  • Astronomy lab.
  • Earthquake Research Laboratory.
  • Electromagnetic Laboratory.
  • Geodetic Laboratory.
  • Geomagnetic Laboratory.
  • Magnet lab.
  • Meteorological Laboratory.
  • Geodynamic lab.
  • Applied Geophysics Laboratory.
  • Building Control Laboratory.


Bogazici University Library

Istanbul Bogazici University has a large library that includes a number of classrooms, in addition to being equipped with the Internet, containing about 161 to 481 articles in English and Turkish.

In addition to articles, students have access to numerous theses, research reports, and publications, including 620 print journals and about 79 to 921 electronic journals.

Also, in 1863 Harvard Law School donated about 2,000 books to the Bogazici University Library, and currently there are more than 300,000 books in different languages ​​in the Bogazici University Library.

Sports facilities at Bogazici University

Bogazici University has many playgrounds suitable for various sports activities such as aikido, football, athletics, badminton, tennis, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, cycling, fencing, handball, gymnastics, martial arts, skiing, boating and water sports.

In addition, the university has gymnasiums equipped with various sports equipment to improve the health of students.


Bogazici University Accommodation

Bogazici University in Istanbul provides accommodation for students in seven dormitories with beautiful views and many equipped facilities.

These dormitories accommodate about 2500 students, in addition to this, the possibility of renting a student apartment in Istanbul was provided for approximately 486 students.

Bogazici University accommodation facilities include 24 hour internet, multiple amenities, playgrounds, sports facilities and dining halls.

The language of instruction at Bogazici University

The language of instruction at Bogazici University is English, that’s why people applying to study at this university must have a good level of English.

However, if students have problems with the English language, they can participate in one-year courses offered by the university to teach students language skills.


Bogazici University Ranking

Bogazici University is one of the best universities in Turkey, and many international students want to enter one of its faculties, due to the university’s high ranking locally and internationally.

According to Times Higher Education, Bogazici University was ranked 601-800 in the World University Rankings 2021, and 138th in the list of Asian Best Universities.

How to get admission in Bogazici University

Candidates who intend to continue their studies in the various undergraduate programs at Bogazici University are required to pass the SAT test and obtain an acceptable score on this test.

In previous articles we explained in detail about the SAT test, you will find everything you need to know about this test.

To study in higher education courses at this university, Masters and Ph.D., it is also necessary to pass the GRE test.


Tuition fees at Bogazici University

Tuition fees at Bogazici University in Turkey vary according to the specialization, for example, the tuition fee for engineering courses in the academic year 2020-2021 for this university ranges between 9,900 to 11,800 lira for the academic year.

While the tuition fees for the Faculty of Economics and Management at this university range between 4,950 and 5,950 liras per academic year.

After choosing a specialization, you can view the Bogazici University tuition fees for the major you want by referring to the university’s official website

Bogazici University Scholarship

Students who wish to obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree scholarship at Bogazici University can apply to the Bogazici University Scholarships Office in Turkey and submit their applications for a scholarship.

Outstanding and qualified students will be given discounts on university fees, free student housing, textbooks and food expenses.


❓ What are the admission requirements for Boğaziçi University in Istanbul?

In order to be admitted into Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, you will need to pass the SAT test and obtain the minimum scores specified by the university for admission in the various fields.

Another way to get admission in this university is to apply for a scholarship in public universities in Turkey.

❓ What is the language of instruction at Istanbul Bogazici University?

The language of instruction at Istanbul Bogazici University is English, so the university offers one-year courses for students who are not proficient in English.

❓ Is Bogazici University in Turkey a public or a private university?

Istanbul Bogazici University is one of the oldest public universities in Turkey.