An electric vehicle maintenance simulation experience


The technology park “Technopark Istanbul” presents an electric vehicle maintenance simulation experience developed by Sanlab at the “Technofest” festival in Istanbul.

On Thursday morning, the activities of the seventh edition of the “TEKNOFEST” festival, which is the largest in the world in the field of aviation and space technology, kicked off at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.

The general manager of “Technopark” Bilal Tobji said that the demand for “Technofest” increases every year and that his foundation participates in all editions of the festival.


He pointed out that the interest of young people in “Technofest” is very high, indicating that the festival contributes greatly to the development of national technology.

Tobji pointed out that the “Technopark” pavilion provides its visitors with a simulated electric vehicle maintenance experience.

The “Turkish Technology Team Endowment” is supervising the organization of the festival in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Technology on the grounds of Ataturk Airport in the European side of Istanbul.

From April 27 to May 1, the festival will host competitions, air shows, concerts, panel discussions and other technology-related events.

It aims to increase interest in technology in Turkish society as well as awareness of Turkey’s transformation into a technology-producing and developing society.

Competitions are held in various disciplines and categories for hundreds of thousands of young people aspiring to realize their dreams in the world of technology.

41 major competitions are held in 102 categories in the current edition of the festival, with the participation of more than one million contestants within 332,000 teams.

The festival allocated prizes worth more than 13 million Turkish liras for the winners (670 thousand dollars) and support for the purchase of equipment worth 30 million liras (more than 1.5 million dollars).


In addition to competitions in various technological and artificial intelligence categories, the festival displays a number of technologies of Turkish military drones and aircraft, such as the “Bayraktar TB3” march and the “Bayraktar Qezil Alma” fighter march.

The “Turkish Stars” and “Solo Turk” teams also organize air shows, as well as flight shows for the “Hurqosh” plane, the “Gok Bey” and “Atak” helicopters, and the “Ak Songor”, “Bayraktar TB2”, “Bayraktar Akinci” and “Bayraktar TB2″ drones. Phoenix”.

“Technofest” is an important way in Turkey to discover the talents of the participating young people to showcase their technological innovations, such as missiles and robots, with the support of government institutions.