Week of Mosques and Religious Officials Starts October 1


This year, the Week of Mosques and Religious Officials will be held from 1-7 October under the theme “Mosque, Religious Officials and Devotion”.


According to the statement of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, the week will be opened at the Edirne Selimiye Mosque by the Head of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaşh.

As part of the opening activities before Friday prayers, a “birthday of sincerity” will be read at the Selimiye Mosque.

It is dedicated to the souls of deceased clergy and benefactors who supported the construction of the mosque and the mosque community.

After that, the symposium “Mosques of Edirne and Selimiye” will be held at the Balkan Conference Center of Edirne University of Trakya at 16.00, and in the symposium consisting of four sessions, 20 speakers will present 16 papers.


Throughout the week, the Muftis of Turkey’s provinces and territories will organize conferences, television programs, broadcasts from digital channels, and programs consisting of Quran recitations.

Details about the Week of Mosques and religious officials can be found on the website “http://camilerhaftasi.diyanet.gov.tr“.