A Turkish company is completing the construction of a stadium in Cameroon


The Turkish construction company “Yeni Gun” has supervised the completion of the construction of “Jaboma” stadium, the largest football stadium in Cameroon.


The stadium built by the Turkish company in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, has so far been admired by football fans.

The stadium includes gyms, an Olympic swimming pool, two training grounds, and tennis courts, as well as a capacity of 50,000 spectators.

In his speech, Tahsin Toufan Sirjan, the project coordinator of the Turkish company in Africa, said that “Jaboma” stadium is currently the largest and most luxurious stadium in Cameroon.

He added that the stadium construction project, which started in March 2017, is nearing completion, indicating that they have handed it over, and are currently working on organizing the places and facilities surrounding it.


He explained that they aim to complete the project completed by the end of this year, noting that the cost of the project amounted to 254 million dollars.

He stated that the “Jaboma” stadium will host the most important and most important matches during the African Cup of Nations, in January 2022.