A scandalous statement by a Russian editor demanded the occupation of Turkish lands


The editor-in-chief of the Russian “RT” channel, Margarita Simonyan, made scandalous statements during an interview on the state-run Rossiya-1 channel last Sunday, during which she demanded the occupation of Turkish lands and their annexation to Russia.


During the meeting, Simonyan targeted the territorial integrity of Turkey, calling for what she described as “restoring” the state of Kars and Mount Ağrı in Turkey and annexing them to Russia.

Simonyan continued her scandalous statements, saying: “We want to restore Kars and Mount Agri to Russia. These places belonged to Russia until the disgraceful Kars Treaty.

I am a human being of the consciousness of Imperial Russia, and we handed over the largest piece of our land that held 30% of our souls at that time.”

Simonyan of Armenian origin was not satisfied with these scandalous statements, but added that “Mount Agri is the main symbol of Armenia.”


It is noteworthy that “Kars” is one of the Turkish states located in the eastern Anatolia region, east of Turkey.

It was liberated from the 43-year Russian occupation by the Ottoman Eastern Front commander Kazem Karabakir on October 30, 1920.