A Latin vision.. Turkey is an important mediator to stop the war in Ukraine


Turkey is one of the few and perhaps the only countries that can play a role in stopping the war between Russia and Ukraine, said Luis Gonzalez, an academic at the University of Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic.


This came in an assessment conducted by Gonzalez, who previously held the position of Director General of Bilateral Political Affairs in the Dominican Foreign Ministry and holds the title of ambassador, on the sidelines of his participation in a conference in the capital, Ankara, in which he answered questions about relations between Turkey and Latin American countries.

Gonzalez will participate in the conference as a representative of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo at the invitation of the Head of the Latin American Studies Research and Application Center at Ankara University, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Necati Kutlu.

Gonzalez added that “Turkey is one of the important countries in NATO and has close relations with Ukraine and Russia, and one of the few and perhaps the only countries that can play a balanced role in resolving the crisis and stopping the war (between Russia and Ukraine) through diplomacy.”


He stressed the importance of the mediation role played by Ankara in order to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

He praised Turkish efforts that resulted in a meeting between the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine on the sidelines of the Antalya Diplomatic Forum this year.

Gonzalez also noted that Turkey’s role as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine was also instrumental in reaching the grain export agreement and that this special position, which attempts to resolve disputes peacefully through diplomatic channels, gives Turkey a special and privileged position.

On the other hand, Gonzalez stressed the importance of developing relations between Turkey and Latin America, stressing that the steps taken by Ankara to increase and strengthen relations with the countries of the continent are evidence of its interest in its countries.


He pointed out that Turkey has 17 embassies in Latin America, and a new honorary consulate was recently opened in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador.

He explained that Turkey has shown a special interest in its relations with Latin American countries, especially since 2006, and has increased the number of its embassies in the continent, noting that this interest became more evident after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to the region in 2014.

He noted that Yesim Kababcioglu, Turkey’s ambassador to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, is working hard to improve and develop bilateral relations between the two countries.

Gonzalez noted that the appointment of an ambassador to the Dominican Republic in Turkey in 2013 gained bilateral relations an important momentum.


He said, “I believe that Turkey is able to benefit from the experience of the Antalya Diplomatic Forum in order to establish a forum concerned with bilateral relations with Latin American countries and focus on how to mutually benefit from the resources in the continent and Turkey.”

In response to a question about the impact of Turkish soap operas and films in Latin America, Gonzalez added that “Turkish television series and films can be described as cultural diplomacy and a soft power for Turkey in the countries of the continent.”

He continued, “We can see a relationship between the growing interest in Turkey in Latin America and the popularity of Turkish TV series on many international channels and platforms.”

On the other hand, Gonzalez drew attention to the increase in tourism interest in Turkey in Latin American countries.


He explained that conferences on Turkey and Ottoman history held in Latin American countries are also an important element in strengthening relations between Turkey and Latin America.