A human photo taken in a hospital in Istanbul gets thousands of likes


The body of the Turkish citizen, Muammar Bakru (48 years), was completely paralyzed, after his neck hernia burst while undergoing surgery.

The family of Omar Bakru, who lives in the Turkish state of Kocaeli and father of two children, decided to continue his natural treatment after he was paralyzed in a private hospital in Istanbul.


Bakro received physical treatment for 6 months, under the great care of the hospital staff, who did not leave him alone for a moment.

The humanity of the nurse, Aisha Nour, 23, appeared because of her care for her patient, Bakro, to the extent that she used to give him gifts, feed him the ice cream that he loves, and spit it out in the hospital yard in order to sunbathe.

In a related context, a member of the faculty, “Taner Kafljam”, shared on social media a picture of the nurse, “Aisha Nour,” with her patient, “Bakro”, while he was taken to the sun while she was sitting next to him.

The image raised a great welcome from the pioneers of Turkish social networking sites, and quickly spread very quickly.

She received thousands of likes and positive comments, praising the humanity of the nurse, “Aisha”.


In turn, Aisha Nour commented on the incident, saying: “Mr. Muammar has been undergoing physiotherapy here for a long time and he did not leave his room during treatment.

So after getting approval from the doctors in the hospital, I took him out of the room to sunbathe. “

And she continued, “Mr. Muammar’s relatives were very surprised and happy at the same time. I bought ice cream and fed him, and we chatted.”

In the same context, the Turkish citizen, Muammar Bakro, expressed his great happiness after the nurse, Aisha Nur, took care of him, indicating that he wanted to go out and sunbathe.

The physiotherapist for Mr. Muammar confirmed that his treatment is long-term, and he needs patience, and his condition requires good psychological care because of the trauma he suffered after being paralyzed.