A gruesome attack on 112 of an emergency service team in Turkey


The 112 emergency service team who went to intervene in a case in the Surmini district of Trabzon was verbally and physically assaulted.

And in the statement, which was received on the social media account of the Regional Health Directorate.

The 112th team and the ambulance who tried to intervene in the case in the province of Surmini were said to have been attacked as quickly as possible.

“Our team managed to escape by escaping from there, and we strongly condemn the people who carried out this attack.

We believe that the judicial authorities will impose the most severe penalties on these people, and we hope that such incidents will not happen again.


“There is a beating, there is a verbal attack, and they are attacked with sticks”

Regional Health Director Hakan Usta said that the incident seriously disturbed them, and Usta also said the ambulance team went to intervene in case of a heart attack:

“Since our ambulance in Surmini is on a different mission, another ambulance was sent from Of.

Our friends also arrived at the scene as soon as possible, there is no delay, however, the attack started even before the ambulance got off.

I could not enter the case, the case died, then our friends left, and the police detained another ambulance.”

“Office of the Prosecutor”


Usta said there are 4 officers on the team, “We have a male driver and 3 female employees, one of our friends is a trainee, and he started working today.

He has been going through such an incident since the beginning, and today there is assault and verbal attack, and they attacked with sticks.

Our friends are doing well, but they were shocked, and a criminal complaint has been filed with the Attorney General’s Office regarding the incident, and the Attorney General’s office is investigating.”