60 dead and dozens missing in massive floods in Afghanistan


At least 60 people were killed and dozens of others were missing due to massive floods that devastated the village of “Mahradish” in the eastern Afghan province of Nuristan, according to officials.


The governor of “Nuristan” Hafez Abdul Qayoom said in a press statement on Thursday that the floods swept the village in the “Kamdish” area of ​​the district last night, and destroyed it completely, according to the local “Ariana News” channel.

Abdul Qayyum added that the security forces were unable to enter the area, which is currently under the control of the Taliban, noting that the residents managed, however, to rescue a number of villagers.

In the same context, Nuristan Provincial Council Chairman Saadullah Binda Zweyi said in a press statement that the floods swept away about 200 homes, while dozens of people remained missing.

Binda Zweyi appealed to central and provincial departments and relief agencies to provide urgent assistance.


In this regard, the Ministry of State for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs said that the floods destroyed at least 60 homes, killing or injuring about 100 people.

The ministry said that the death toll is preliminary and that it is likely to rise.

And “Nuristan” is a mountainous region, with dense forests that are prone to floods annually, but this year the floods had a greater impact on the residents of the region.