4 mortar shells fall in southern Turkey, coming from Syrian territory


On Tuesday, 4 mortar shells landed on an empty land in the province of Gaziantep, southern Turkey, fired from the areas controlled by the terrorist organization “PKK/YPG” in northern Syria.


The Turkish security authorities in Karkamish district of the state imposed a security cordon on the area in order to investigate the incident.

The local authorities in the area also called on civilians not to gather or approach the border strip with Syria.

In this context, Gaziantep Governor Daoud Gul confirmed in a tweet on Twitter that the source of the shells came from the areas east of the Euphrates under the control of the “PKK/YPG”.


Gul denied that there were any deaths or injuries, stressing at the same time that the Turkish army responded in kind to the source of the mortar fire.