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Turkish Lamb Chops Recipe – Turkish Recipes

You have been invited to a special Turkish dinner with the Turkish lamb chop recipe that settles...

Shish Meatballs Recipe – Turkish Recipes

This recipe should be prepared from low-fat minced meat with the addition of various spices that are...

Istanbul Jewelry Show – All You Need To Know

Turkey is the third largest producer of gold jewelry and the second largest exporter of gold accessories...

Chickpea Rice Recipe – Turkish Recipes

Ingredients for Chickpea Rice Recipe 2 cups rice1/2 cup chickpeas (pre-soaked overnight)1/2 teaspoon...

Health care system in Turkey and Treatment for foreigners

One of the most important things for those who want to migrate to Turkey is the issue...

Residence Permit in Turkey and all its types

The process of applying for a residence permit is mandatory for all those who wish to stay...

The Famous Kavurma Recipe – Turkish Recipes

Ingredients for Kavurma Recipe 2 tablespoons of oil1 kg. cubed meat (lamb or...

The Turkish Stew Recipe (Yahni) – Turkish Recipes

Ingredients for the Turkish Stew Recipe (Yahni) 800 gr of lean beef400 gr...

The Famous Kumpir Recipe – Turkish Recipe

Ingredients for Baked Potato Kumpir Recipe 4 large potatoes2 spoonful of butter1 cup...

Turkish Stuffed Peppers Recipe (Dolma) – Turkish Recipes

Ingredients for Turkish Stuffed Peppers Recipe (Dolma) 1/2 cup olive oil2 onions2 tablespoons...

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