Washington hosts a US-UAE strategic military dialogue


The US-Emirati strategic military dialogue will start today, Wednesday, at the headquarters of the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) in the capital, Washington.

The meetings between officials of the two countries will continue for two days, according to the American “Bloomberg” agency.


The US-Emirati meetings coincide with Abu Dhabi’s official announcement on Tuesday evening that it has informed the United States of suspending discussions related to the purchase of F-35 fighters.

The UAE embassy in Washington said in a statement that Abu Dhabi “may resume these discussions in the future after reviewing and re-evaluating the program (to manufacture F-35 fighters).”

The statement attributed the decision to suspend the deal for the time being to “a reassessment of the strategic requirements, costs, and benefits of these fighters.”

Technological developments, evolving regional dynamics, and new priorities have led to a reassessment.


Pointing out that Washington and Abu Dhabi are “working towards an understanding that would address the conditions for joint defense security.”

In this context, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in an unphotographed press statement Tuesday evening that:

“Concerns about the F-35 deal for the Emirates will be discussed in the joint military dialogue scheduled in Washington between officials of the two countries,” according to the American “Al-Hurra” channel (privately).

Kirby declined to say whether US concerns about the deal were related to China’s role in the UAE but added that the terms of each military deal might be different depending on the circumstances.


He stressed that Washington “is committed to working with the UAE to address issues related to the F-35 fighter jet deal.”

He also indicated that US and Emirati officials will discuss, during their dialogue, which begins today, “a number of issues of common interest and try to address all questions related to the F-35 deal.”

And yesterday, the American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” reported that the UAE is threatening to withdraw from a potentially large deal with the United States, which includes the F-35 aircraft.

The newspaper quoted US officials as saying that “the Gulf ally complained that the security requirements set by the United States.


To protect high-tech weapons from Chinese espionage is too cumbersome, and the country’s national sovereignty will be at risk.”

Later in the publication of the report, the US Department of Defense announced that the United States is committed with the UAE to address issues related to the US F-35 fighter jet deal.

According to media reports, the UAE had signed an agreement with the United States to purchase 50 F-35 aircraft and up to 18 armed drones and other advanced munitions worth billions of dollars.