TV channels in Kyrgyzstan are competing to broadcast Turkish serieses


A group of Kyrgyz youth managed to form a team dubbing Turkish serieses into Kyrgyz, in response to the request of TV channels in their country.

Television channels in Kyrgyzstan compete to broadcast a wide range of Turkish serieses that have achieved a high following.

Almost all Kyrgyz channels provide the opportunity to watch Turkish serieses, especially during curfew periods to combat the spread of the Corona pandemic.

While the Turkish series, dubbed into Russian, dominated the programs of the channels in Kyrgyzstan during the past years.

Dubbing studios began to enter Kyrgyz, especially as their popularity increased there.


A complete voiceover team

Armak Gazibkov, a member of the dubbing team, said that the interest of Kyrgyz channels for Turkish serieses has increased significantly over the past years.

Gazebkov added to the Anadolu Agency correspondent that the creation of a team for voiceover and dubbing to Kyrgyzstan came in response to the request of local channels.

Gazebkov indicated that years ago he graduated from the theater department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Kyrgyz Turkish University of Manas.

He is also currently working as an actor at the National Youth Theater in the capital, Bishkek.

Gazebkov explained that he and his colleagues rented a dubbing and vocal installation studio sponsored by a businessman.

And that he started working in the dubbing sector in addition to his main profession, which is acting.

Gazebkov pointed out that he has important experience in the field of dubbing, as he has previously worked in dubbing many feature films and animations.

This is what helped him to experience working in dubbing from Turkish to Kyrgyz.

He continued: We have decided to gather people who have dubbing talents into one team, in order to contribute to dubbing TV series.

Especially those that shed light on the history of the Turkish peoples, especially the Turkish television series The Great Seljuk Renaissance, which is widely popular in Kyrgyzstan.


Gazebkov also mentioned that they chose the TV series The Great Seljuk Renaissance, because of the values ​​it carries.

In addition to its contribution to instilling responsibility and serving the state and the nation, the Kyrgyz people are eagerly waiting for the aforementioned TV series to be broadcast in Kyrgyz.

Gazebkov also noted that the traditional household appliances and musical instruments used in the Great Seljuk Renaissance series are completely similar to their counterparts in Kyrgyzstan.

And that this factor contributed to attracting the Kyrgyz audience to follow the series.

He went on to say: We did not face any difficulties while translating and dubbing the dialogues used in this series.

This is because more than half of the sentences and words used in the Turkish and Kyrgyz languages ​​are identical.

Gazebkov also pointed out that the dubbing team within which he works will begin with dubbing “Artegral Resurrection”.

In addition, the series “Sultan Abdul Hamid” after the completion of the dubbing works of the series The Great Seljuk Renaissance.

Gazebkov concluded by stressing the necessity of filming a joint Turkish-Kyrgyz series, referring to the role of art in strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and friendship between the two peoples.