Turkish “TIKA” delivers fishing equipment to Tunisia


On Thursday, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) handed over equipment worth 105,000 dinars ($33,000) to support the “Hancha fish” sector in Lake Tunis, in the northern suburbs of the capital.

The grant consists of a refrigerated fish truck, engines for fishing boats, and fishing nets to support the marine fishing sector, especially the fishing of Hansha, which the lake is known for.

The eel is similar in shape to snakes, but it is a fish with a rich nutritional value.


Mouldi Ben Mohamed, the regional delegate for agricultural development (local director of agriculture) in Tunis, said that they “received a donation of 105,000 dinars from the Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency to support the Hansha fishing sector.”

“The aim of the grant is to help and support the marine fishing sector and to develop the exploitation of hancha fishing in northern Lake Tunis,” he added.

Bin Mohammed added that in 2017 they established a cooperative company called the Buhaira Company in the northern lake of Tunisia, and today it includes 25 employees, after it had only 7 individuals when it was founded, and its aim is to support the marine fishing sector in the region.

For his part, the coordinator of “TIKA” in Tunisia, Ali Fouad Jebji, said that they aim, through supporting the equipment provided to the cooperative, to multiply the fish catch by 3 times, to sell the products directly and increase the financial revenues.

The Turkish official expressed his hope that “the method of catching hansha fish will remain in place and inherited from generation to generation through the support of the fishermen in the aforementioned lake.”