The volume of our projects in Africa has exceeded $82 billion


Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Farouk Qimakci said that his country attaches importance to its relations with African countries, and that the volume of projects undertaken by Turkey on the continent exceeded $82 billion.

This came in a speech he made during a meeting of the Foreign Committee in the Turkish parliament on Saturday, where he indicated that Turkey is developing its relations with African countries day after day.

He added that Turkey strengthens its relations with Africa through draft laws that are put on the parliament’s agenda, and that the Foreign Committee approved, in its last meeting, draft laws ratifying international agreements signed with Congo, Angola, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Chad and Sierra Leone in various fields.


He pointed out that the political, cultural, economic and trade relations with African countries are getting stronger and that the volume of trade between Turkey and Africa rose from 4.3 billion dollars in the early 2000s to more than 35 billion dollars.

And he added, “The volume of projects undertaken by Turkey in Africa exceeds $82 billion, and the level of direct investment of Turkish companies in the continent is about $6 billion.”

He pointed out that with the opening of an embassy in Guinea-Bissau, the number of Turkish embassies in Africa has reached 44.