The Turkish Ministry of Health has taken new preventive decisions for restaurants based on recommendations from the Scientific Committee.

The Ministry has published, through its website, a number of measures that all restaurants must take:

  • The distance between the seating places must be not less than one meter.
  • Windows must be opened in rooms and enclosed spaces during daily routine cleaning, and ventilated for at least one hour after cleaning.
  • Particular attention should be paid to cleaning surfaces that are frequently touched by hands, especially door handles, batteries, stairs, telephone, toilet, and washbasin in public places.
  • Restaurant staff should clean and wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, and use alcohol-based disinfectants in the absence of soap and water.
  • People with any signs of respiratory infection (fever, cough, respiratory distress, etc.) do not work until their complaint is resolved.
  • People who deal with the personal belongings of guests will wash their hands immediately after these procedures or they will clean hands with alcohol-based materials.