Turkish Minister: We have 22 ships on the shores of Ukraine


Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adel Karaismailoglu announced the presence of 22 Turkish ships on the shores of the Black Sea from Ukraine, stressing that they are making efforts to bring them.


The Turkish minister said in a statement to Ankara that “they have 22 ships waiting on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine.

Most of them are owned by Turks, and there are also ships flying the Turkish flag, we need to transport those ships from there.”

He pointed out that they had held consultations with the Ukrainian ambassador in Ankara regarding bringing those ships from there.

And he added, “Initially, there were more than 200 crew members on those ships, we evacuated some of them.

And 90 of them are still there, but they haven’t asked for evacuation, and they don’t want to leave their ships.”

He indicated that those ships were loaded with quantities of grain, sunflower oil and iron, as they have been waiting there for nearly 50 days.


He pointed out that they are in constant contact with the Turkish sailors there, and they are continuing talks with Russia and Ukraine regarding the security and safety of Turkish ships and their crews.

He pointed out that there are about 100 ships in the region belonging to several countries, and those ships must be removed from there or the war should be stopped as soon as possible.