Turkish Minister: Our goal is to be the home of innovation in wind energy


Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez said that his country aims to be the new home of innovation and production in Europe and the region in the wind energy sector.


This came in a speech he delivered on Tuesday during his participation in one of the sessions of the “Hamburg Wind Energy Exhibition and Conference”.

Donmez stated that Turkey is the fifth largest producer of equipment used in wind energy generation in Europe, noting that in 2021 it exported equipment and turbines worth one and a half billion euros to about 50 countries.

“Wind turbine and equipment producers in Turkey manufacture about 70 percent of turbine components, and Turkey is the leader in the production of rotary blades and towers in Europe,” he added.

He stated that Turkey is currently ranked 5th in Europe and 12th in the world in the installed capacity of renewable energy.


He pointed out that the share of renewable energy resources in global electricity production is about 28 percent, while the share in Turkey is 46 percent.

In the same context, Donmez noted that Turkey is one of the most reliable suppliers of strategic minerals.

He stressed his country’s readiness to take its place in supply chains, “not only in clean energy technologies, but in most of the minerals used in clean energy as well.”

He continued, “If there is a change in the global supply chain, Turkey, with its privileges, will be one of the most reliable suppliers in this field.”


He noted that Turkey has today become a supplier of equipment and a reliable partner for Europe not only in the field of natural gas supply security, but also in wind energy and other fields of renewable energy as well.

More than 40 Turkish companies are participating in the exhibition, which runs until September 30.