Turkish fighters respond to Greek air harassment


The Turkish Ministry of Defense said, on Tuesday, that its air forces responded to an attempt by Greek fighters to harass a NATO sortie in the Aegean Sea.

The Turkish defense stated in a statement that Greek “F-16” fighters took off from 5 airports and harassed Turkish planes by closing the radar (closing on the target).

The statement indicated that the Turkish aircraft were part of NATO’s “NATO NEXUS ACE Ege” missions and responded immediately to the Greek harassment operation.


And the Turkish defense confirmed that it informed all allies 24 hours ago to carry out the mission within NATO.

The statement indicated that the “NATO NEXUS ACE Ege” mission involved 14 “F-16” fighters, the “HİK” early warning plane, the “KC-135” refueling plane, the “CASA” search and rescue plane by the Turkish forces, and the “E3-A AWACS” warning plane. Early belonging to the alliance.