Turkish economist: We aim to expand our cruise trips to Libya


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Kronfol Group, Morteza Kronfol, said that they intend to expand their cruise network to Libya, starting from Istanbul towards Benghazi and Misurata together.


In a statement issued by the Turkish Trade Group, he stressed the importance of trade exchange with Libya, considering that this is an involvement in trade with the African continent at the same time.

He added that due to the geostrategic position that Libya enjoys, it is considered the world’s gateway to Africa and Africa’s gateway to the world.

He expressed his happiness over the resumption of cruises between Istanbul and Misurata after a 25-year hiatus, stressing that this step will contribute to establishing close commercial ties with other countries on the continent.


Regarding the details of the cruises between the two countries, Kronfol said that they conduct 4 trips per month on ships with a total capacity of 900 beds for passengers, 400 cars and 1,700 tons of cargo.

He stated that the Kronfol Group contributes to establishing commercial links between 26,000 Turkish companies and 120,000 Libyan clients in the group’s structure.

In a related context, Kronfol said that the volume of trade exchange between Turkey and Libya amounted to $3.6 billion, despite the instability experienced by the Arab country.


He added that they intend to expand the cruise network between Turkey and Libya to include Istanbul, Misrata and Benghazi, stressing that this is on the priority list of their goals during the next stage.