Turkey’s TUSAŞ raises its target to export satellites


Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) General Manager Temel Kotil announced that they are in talks with new customers for the new generation of small space communications satellite GEO, Turkey’s first export of satellites.

Temel Kotil provided information about the company’s work in satellite technologies in his presentation as part of the Satellite Technologies Week events held at TÜRKSAT.


Expressing that they built two satellites at the same time at the Space Systems Integration and Test Center, Kotil said that they have the infrastructure to increase to 3.

Kotil stated that the work on the TÜRKSAT 6A and İmece satellites is continuing in the center, and the satellite that will be exported to Argentina will be added to them in the near future.

He voiced that the Arsat-SG1 they developed together with GSATCOM Space Technologies AŞ which they created in partnership with Argentina-based INVAP, will be Turkey’s first export of satellites, Kotil stated that the satellite will be in the sky in 2023.

Kotil explained that they are looking for new customers for the GEO small electric propulsion satellite, “It looks like we’ve found a client, which we don’t share because it’s not finished.


If he does, we will make three more satellites from this satellite, there is also a fourth customer out, and when we are done, we will reach a total of 5 satellites, and if we make these satellites in 4 years, Turkey will do a good export.”

Kotil noted that satellite design and production have become much easier with new design methods, and said it is possible to bridge the gap with giant satellite companies.

Kotil noted that Turkey would have the ability to launch satellites as well as design and produce satellites.

Serdar Demirel, Vice President of the Presidency for Defense Industries, said that many countries have made serious investments in satellite technologies and that more than one million people are working in this field.


Expressing that space technology is inevitably used in the military field, Demirel said that as the presidency, they carry out projects of reconnaissance satellites, satellite surveillance, navigation satellites, space research and development, and satellite launch systems.

Demirel explained that Turkey has important capabilities in satellite integration and infrastructure testing, and stated that they are also working to increase the rate of location in satellites and ground stations.