A Meeting with the Turkish Banks from Minister of Treasury and Finance


The participant, Noureddin Al-Nabati, Minister of Treasury and Finance, held a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Turkish Banking Association (TBB), during which the global and local economy and manufacturers were discussed.


The Minister of Treasury and Finance, Noureddin Al-Nabati, was Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alpaslan Shakar Mehmet Ali Akpen, Chairman of the Turkish Participation Bank Association Mehmet Ali Akpen, the President of the Turkish Partnership Bank Association and members of the Board of Directors of TBB.

During the meeting, the global and local economies and manufacturers were discussed. Minister Nabati also met with the bankers regarding the new economic program and received their evaluation.

He stated that the purpose of the meeting was to exchange healthy and advanced views, and in the assessment conducted by the banks, he drew attention to the modern approach in the markets.


“Strong methods, liquidity, and equity structure, advanced practices and activities are reviewed in accordance with international standards to create an evaluation of examples from Turkey, our banks are acceptable in education, acceptable families will continue at the acceptable level.”