Turkey’s Mardin hosts an international conference on immigrant children


An international conference entitled “Education for Immigrant Children” was launched at the Turkish University of Mardin on Thursday.

The conference is organized by the Center for Migration Studies at Mardin Artuklu University and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (ORSAM) over a two-day video call.


Dozens of academics, specialists in asylum, integration and education affairs, representatives of civil society organizations and concerned institutions will participate in 8 sessions, in addition to a two-session workshop.

Sessions deal with topics including: the family, the scope of the main problems and obstacles, the problem of integration, solution proposals, new approaches, models and alternatives presented, language education, and similar models in the world.

During the opening session, the head of the Center for Migration Studies at Mardin University Artuklu said, Sıtkı Karadeniz.

“The world is witnessing an abnormal movement in migration and asylum that radically affects regional and international relations through many changes in life and beliefs.”


He added, “Societies are governed by immigration and asylum, and the movement affects capital and production, which is a result of the manifestations of globalization that the world is witnessing.”

He added that all of the above “was accompanied by a rise in nationalism in the West, and instead of resisting the asylum movement, solutions must be sought, in addition to searching for solutions to keep immigrants in their place.”

He explained, “This conference is a continuation of similar work related to refugee children, as researchers and academics from all countries of the world participate in discussions to find appropriate solutions to educate immigrant children.”

Meanwhile, Ahmed Oisal, head of the Orsam Center, said: “Today we are discussing a very important topic related to immigrants and the education of their children.

And turning this situation into an opportunity that can be taken advantage of, and reflects well on the host countries and Turkey, and on the children and migrants themselves. “


And he added, “Throughout the ages, there have been continuous migratory movements, and this factor affects everyone and no one can prevent it.

Sometimes it is forced and sometimes voluntary. Because of crises, coups, wars and demolishing homes, there has been migration, and our country is safe, praise be to God. “

He stressed that “the region suffers from tensions and problems, and it is important for immigrants coming to Turkey to spend their lives normally, which will reflect positively on them and on society.”

In his intervention, the President of Mardin University Ibrahim Ozgoshar said: “When talking about the term migration, there is a slight difference between an immigrant and a homeowner.

Especially if they are from the same region, like the Syrians and the Turks.”


He added, “Talking about the issue of educating the children of immigrants is important to reveal the truth about their conditions, and it is necessary for them to feel that they are children of society and not strangers to it.”

“We are witnessing the struggle of immigrants and their children to continue life, especially those who have no hope of returning (to their country of origin),” Ozgoshar added.

This is due to the lack of conditions for return, which means that a large part of them will remain permanently (in the country of immigration). “

He continued, “In this conference, we discuss these problems and discuss them to provide appropriate solutions.”