Turkey: We continued development despite the economic fluctuations


Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahid Kırıçı said that his country was able to continue sustainable development despite the economic fluctuations caused by the Corona epidemic.


This came in his speech on Wednesday, during the meeting of agriculture ministers of the member states of the Economic Cooperation Organization, held in Uzbekistan.

The Turkish minister pointed out that the global challenges the world is facing in recent years are caused by food insecurity.

He stressed the importance and necessity of multipolar international cooperation as a way to reach solutions to the food insecurity crisis and the resulting challenges.

He stressed the need for OECD countries to exploit their resources and show the necessary political will in order to provide solutions to the global food crisis.


In a related context, the Turkish minister said that his country is the seventh largest agricultural producer in the world, and the first in Europe.

He added that Turkey exports 1,690 agricultural products to many regions of the world, stressing his country’s readiness to share its experiences in this field with the Economic Cooperation Organization.