Turkey satisfied with UN Security Council resolution Cilvegözü


based on (UNSC) resolution allowing the Cilvegözü border gate in Hatay with UN assistance.

The Ministry’s written statement said that the 12-month resolution of the Security Council would be implemented for an additional 6 months based on the UN Secretary-General’s report after the first six months.

Referring to the importance of the Cilvegözü border gate, the following statement was made:


“United Nations assistance dispatched through our said border gate is essential to the continuation of an effective response and regional stability and security.

Therefore, we welcome the continuation of the UN Cross-Border Humanitarian Aid Mechanism that operates across our country.

We expect the UN Security Council and key international actors to demonstrate their constructive approach and conciliatory stance in this regard.

Cilvegözü is vital for 5 million people

In today’s closed session of the UN Security Council, it was unanimously agreed that the Cilvegözü border gate would remain.

Which is vital for humanitarian aid to reach 5 million people and is open for another year.

Cilvegözü is significant as the only border crossing open today among the 4 border gates open until 2020.