Turkey rejects the allegations against it in the E Commission report


The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the unfair allegations and criticism contained in the European report, especially regarding political standards and the chapters on judicial authority and fundamental rights.

This came in a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, commenting on the European Commission’s report on Turkey for the year 2023.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry reminded the European Union that policies based on universal values should be valid not only for Ukraine, but for all parts of the world, including the Middle East.

The statement added: “Although the Turkey Report for 2023 is the twenty-fifth report prepared by the Commission for our country, the fact that the European Union adheres to its unfair and biased approach towards Turkey is worrying for the future of our continent, which faces many threats.”

It continued: “We completely reject the baseless allegations and unfair criticism, especially regarding political standards and the chapter on judicial authority and fundamental rights.”


It added: “Despite all our efforts, Chapter 23 on judicial authority and fundamental rights, and Chapter 24 on justice, freedom and security, have not been opened since 2009 due to political obstruction by a member state.”

It stressed that “making unfair allegations against our country on many issues in the field of fundamental rights, which are controversial even among Member States, is a manifestation of the European Union’s dishonest approach and double standards.”

The statement added: “It is inconsistent to obstruct the current high-level dialogue and cooperation mechanisms with the candidate state Turkey on foreign policy, regional developments, security, defense and sectoral issues, and then claim that our compliance with European Union policies in these vital areas has decreased.”

It continued: “Similarly, while it is claimed that Turkey has not fulfilled its obligations related to the Customs Union and that this constitutes an obstacle to bilateral trade relations, the politicization and obstruction of modernization negotiations that would allow these obstacles to be overcome remain one of the similar contradictions in the Union.” “European”.

The statement stated: “We consider the European report’s inclusion of criticism of our country and its confirmation that Turkey’s position towards the war between Hamas and Israel completely contradicts the position of the European Union, as a compliment to us.”


It explained: “The European Union, which is in the wrong place in history in the face of a civilian massacre that has re-emerged from the darkness of the Middle Ages in the twenty-first century, must be reminded that policies based on universal values, international law and humanitarian principles must not be valid for Ukraine or any other region in the world.” “Not only Europe, but all over the world, including the Middle East.”

Regarding the issues of the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus and the Aegean Sea contained in the report, the statement said: “As always, the reflection of the illegal, unrealistic and extremist Greek/Roman theses, and the continuation of the exclusionary position that ignores the right policies of our country and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and ignoring the rights of Cypriots.” “The Turks represent the EU’s biased and unfair position under the guise of solidarity.”

It stressed that the formula for resolving the Cyprus issue is two parties on the island, three guarantors, and the United Nations, and that the role of the European Union in the past stages did not go beyond monitoring with the approval of the parties, and it did not have an opinion in any way.

It continued: “It must realize that the European Union’s statements, which represent an unconditional defense of the Romanian theses regarding a possible solution in Cyprus, have no value or binding force in the eyes of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side, and that they harm rather than serve the solution path.”


It pointed out that the European report mentioned that the development of the Turkish economy and its ability to face competitive pressures and market forces within the Union, as well as the fact that Turkey has harmonized its legislation with the European Union, is an indicator of the firm policies followed by Ankara regarding compliance with European Union standards in many areas.

The statement indicated that there is a need to strengthen relations between Turkey and the European Union in all fields more than ever before, and that this fact is recognized by the European Union itself.

It went on to say: “We are always open to establishing our relations with the European Union on solid foundations, and enhancing our cooperation in line with our common interests, provided that we work in a spirit of cooperation and dialogue instead of unilateral and unfair criticism.”

It stressed the importance of the European Union showing its solidarity with Turkey during the difficult times it went through during the earthquake disaster.

The statement called on the European Union to remove the obstacles hindering Turkey’s accession process, assume more responsibilities and fulfill the requirements of the principle of preserving agreements.